Inverse Fitness

Here at Inversé Fitness our aim is to change the way you think about working out. We offer alternatives to a regular workout, from our boutique Pole Fitness classes,  to our unique Bootcamps and Personal Training sessions.



When you train with us we focus on your goals. Our instructors will tailor a specific program to you skills and goals. 

Pole Fitness

We pride ourselves on our unique teaching style and ability to adapt each class to the individual student's needs. 


Bootcamps: Designed to get you working, the Bootcamps are adapted to each individual student's needs, whether you're looking for a fitness supplement or just trying to kickstart your fitness journey - we are here to help

Personal Training

We focus on functional training, flexibility, strength and conditioning. Our aim is to help you correct your technique and form, whilst also supporting you through the mental and emotional part of your journey

Specialty Classes

Add a different workout to your repertoire, with Twerk classes, self-defense, handstand classes and more. These classes are an opportunity to find a different way to workout

About us

Our mission is to make sure you always leave with a smile on your face, feeling empowered to be your best self with a huge sense of achievement. We not only help you achieve your fitness goals but we will hold your hand and support you through you personal goals as well.