Pole Fitness

Our beautiful flagship studio is located on the main street of Birkenhead. Along with our tall ceilings, custom made brass poles and quirky yet inviting style our pole fitness classes incorporate flexibility, flow, conditioning and now kids classes.

We pride ourselves on our unique teaching styles and our ability to adapt each class to the individual students. Our Instructors have a wide range of backgrounds (dancers, gymnasts, karate, even professional teachers).

This course is designed to teach you the basics of pole in an environment where everyone is in the same boat as you. It is a great way to meet new people and try something that may be a bit out of your comfort zone- whilst getting fit and having fun. At Inversé Fitness we pride ourselves on celebrating everyone and everything.
The hardest part is turning up.  

This course is 1.5 hours long-running from 6 pm – 7:30 pm, there are 8 poles and 16 spaces, please be aware that you will be sharing a pole.

By purchasing this space you agree to the terms that your money will not be refunded if you choose to drop out, nor can your space be transferred to your friend or the next course.

Pole Level 1-2:  This class is for those who are new to pole. This class is focused on basic movements such as; spins, climbs, and transitions. You will develop the strength needed for the bigger move intermediate moves in Level 2-3. If you have just finished a Beginner block course, or are new to pole fitness This class is for you.

Pole Level 2-3: This class is for those who have been doing pole a wee while and are confident in their basic spins, climbs, and are beginning to Invert. This class focuses on intermediate level movements such as inverts and basic combination moves. This class focuses heavily on core and muscle development to prepare you for the big moves in levels 3-4. You also develop your skill on the spin pole. If you are feeling confident in level 1-2 or have experience in pole fitness, then this class is for you 

Pole Level 3-4: This class is for those who have been doing pole a while and are able to invert, perform basic aerial combinations, confident on a spin pole and know all spins  This class focuses on the big moves, 3-4 move combinations and pushes your strength and flexibility. If you are feeling confident in level 2-3 or have experience in pole fitness, then this class is for you 

Pole Mixed Level: This class is for all levels. Your instructor will help you with your goals and moves, their will be progressions and regressions depending on your level. 

Pole Flow: This class is about channelling your diva side. You will learn a 1-2 minute pole routine every week. for this class you must be able to perform basic spins, climbs ( not to the top) and seats. you have the option to wear heels – they must have an ankle strap (thinner heels are preferred) we do also have some you can borrow. 

Each class embodies elements to benefit the children in their overall learning, including developing and supporting their emotional well being (self-confidence), trust, hand-eye coordination, flexibility and strength and spatial awareness. Students will be guided and supervised through warm-ups, cool-downs, conditioning AND learn basic pole sport moves. Our kid’s class design is to keep children fit and active, but most of all, we want them to enjoy themselves and have as much fun as possible in a safe environment.

About the instructor:

Steph has been an instructor at Inversé Fitness for over four years and purchased the studio in November 2019. She has worked with children for more than a decade and holds a Bachelor degree in Teaching, full teaching registration and a current comprehensive first-aid certificate. Steph is excited to impart her vast knowledge of education and curriculum-based learning and incorporating it into the AWESOME Kids Pole Sport classes.


Currently the Kids classes have merged into the Monday 6:30pm class and Friday 6:30pm class with steph due to low numbers 


Children attending the Pole Sport class are to comfortable t-shirt or racer back singlet and bike shorts