Owner / Lead Pole Instructor/Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Leader

Steph is the owner of Inversé Fitness. Steph is a qualified Personal Trainer, Bootcamp and Pole Instructor. Steph focuses on building up your confidence not only in a workout setting but in yourself as well, she wants you to leave feeling confident in the skin you’re in. Steph has been with the pole studio since 2015 and has an extensive background in all kinds of dance. Steph has performed, and competed, in various Pole events around NZ in numerous competitions around NZ, placing 2nd in her first-ever comp! Steph also offers competition and performance coaching as well as personalised fitness training, Steph is available for private classes as well


  • Personal Training certificate level 4
  • Xpert Pole Instruction certificate level 1&2
  • Comprehensive First aid
  • Pelvic Floor safe Fitness Instructor


Pole Instructor: Our beautiful Dani has been poling since Inversé Fitness was North Shore way back in 2014. In her muggle job Dani works in a very busy HR office, however, on Thursdays, all the stress from the week melts away and she can unwind and let her hair down. Dani loves how pole has grown her confidence about her body explaining that she used to be unable to show her legs in public and now this crazy lady instructs without pants on …..wearing pole shorts. Dani takes the Thursday 7:30 class and is available for privates


Pole Instructor : Lexie may be a familiar face to some of you and completely new to others. Lexie’s pole journey started in 2014, becoming an instructor at our studio in Wairau (previously North Shore Pole Fitness). Lexie specialises in beginners classes, floorwork, and pointed toes. Lexie is exceptionally skilled in pole instructing and can break down any move (in fact she used to teach Steph). We are super excited to have her back at our studio after a small hiatus. Lexie will be taking over the Beginner block courses and is available for Privates.


Pole Instructor: ​Gwen has grown and developed her pole style into something that is so uniquely her, you would be hard-pressed to copy it. Which is what we encourage at Inversé Fitness! Gwen is our resident bendy instructor, with her background in gymnastics and her drive to perfect that move, she is the one to get you into that B.E.A-utiful backbend, walkover or freestanding handstand. Gwen teaches Tuesday 7:30 and is available for privates.


Jaz began pole in 2017 as a fresh-faced uni-student. We have watched Jaz grow into a beautiful young lady who is studying a conjoint degree ( Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts). Jaz’s favourite thing about teaching is how supportive the students are towards each other, she hopes that as her student you’re able to dedicate time to yourself and find your unique style. Jaz always makes sure that you are pointing your toes and finding a new way to challenge yourself and get into that move you love -. Jaz takes the Beginner class on Wednesday at 7:30 pm and is available for Private classes.


Rach began pole with Gwen in 2018. Since then Rach has fine-tuned her skills to be one bad-ass lady. She is the queen of the ‘gargoyle’ (move above). No move is too hard or scary for Rach and she will work her butt off to succeed in that move – even if it takes her all year. Rach is sure to get you working muscles you have never used before, fine-tuning your moves to include the most beautiful pointed toes. Rach teaches on a Wednesday at 6:30 pm and is available for privates.


Flexibility and Conditioning: Pam’s background in sports is quite different. Pam is experienced in martial arts sports as she has been doing it for almost 20 years in both athlete and coach roles. Pam is now studying a Master of Sport and Exercise. Her coaching aim is to make students being happy and feeling more confident in every exercise session. Pam always ensures that her classes are safe, and well-planned with appropriate stretching and conditioning drills because she believes that any injury is the biggest obstacle to her students enjoying the sports they love.  Pam takes our Flexibility and Conditioning Class on a Monday at 7:30pm 


Twerk Instructor: As a child and teen Maddie danced an array of styles Jaz, Tap, Belly, Hip Hop. In her early adult-hood she pursued a passion in Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue. In
2016 Maddie discovered the wonderful creation of Twerk Fitness classes, and became a qualified Twerk Fitness Instructor in 2017. Maddie has a passion for Dancehall, Afro, Reggaeton, Classic “twerk” beats, Drum n’ Bass and some slow sensual sounds too. Maddie is known for her high vibe bubbly energy and connection with her dance students. Maddie has a huge focus on woman’s empowerment, self-worth, building confidence and self-love through the expression of music + dance. If a balance of mindset, cardio, community,
technique and expression is up your ally, this one’s for you! Maddie’s Twerk Class is on a Tuesday at 8:30pm